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NB I am not accepting reviews at this time.  I am taking interviews and guest posts only. Thank you

 I am very happy to accept book review requests from authors old and new. As well as Guest Posts and Interviews

Read the Notes Below

  • All publication dates are made on receipt and acceptance of post, book or interview
  • You can send the book/Guest Post at this stage if you wish but be aware that I can’t guarantee accepting every request.
  • I will respond within 72 hrs. If I accept your request
  • Guest Posts
    • should be something about Writing and Reviewing.
    • Should Include Author Bio and Author Pic
    • Cover Picture
    • Book Synopsis
  • Interviews:  Download the Interview from either:
    • DropBox
    • Google Drive
    • Please return completed Interviews via the  file uploader below.
    • Please Change the Filename to your name or Book Title (A dozen returned with the same filename, results in lost interviews. I had 2 back without changing in last hour!)
    • Please also include:
      • Book Synopsis
      • Cover Picture
  • For a Book Review I will need
    • A copy of the book
    •  A cover pic.
    •  An author bio and picture for inclusion.
    • The Genres I accept are;
      • Fantasy,
      • Historical,
      • paranormal,
      • Romance.
      • Science Fiction
      • Psychology
      • Self Help
  • Formats accepted are: mobi, pdf, hard or paperback.
  • Please note that I can only accept books of Up to 250 pages This is so I can get through more books and give each the attention it deserves.

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Please accept conditions Below:

I accept that if I send a copy of my guest post, and/or book I will not be guaranteed a spot on the Reading Head. Liza(the Reading Head) will contact me within 72 hrs to confirm if accepted and when it will be published.

I acknowledge that reviews to Amazon and Goodreads will be posted on the same day it's published on the blog.

I accept that a GeoTargeted Amazon link will be included to my book, this link will be an affiliate link to help the Reading Head to continue.